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Italian Landscapes Italian Landscapes
During my year in Florence, I went back over and over again to my favorite frescoes ( Fra Angelico at San Marco, Giotto and Massaccio at Santa Maria Novella) and was inspired to try a new medium for me, tempera or goauche. When I went to the historic art store Zecchi's, the salesman encouraged me to try egg tempera, made at the store. It was easy enough, no mixing, already in a tube. I was excited by the brilliance and transparency of the colors and my work reflects this, I think.
Martha's Vineyard Landscapes Martha's Vineyard Landscapes
I do landscapes for the pleasure of it. I can think of no more wonderful way to spend my time than to go out on my bicycle to some gorgeous spot on this island with its great variety of topography, to meditate on the world I am in, and to reinterpret the place and time with color. This embeds the image in my memory in a way that a photograph cannot.
Goache abstract paintings Goache abstract paintings
These small brightly painted pieces employ natural forms in geometric imagined spaces. Much of this work is informed by Tanzanian khanga cloth and a Zambian carved figure pops up in these and in some still lifes.
Batistero Series Batistero Series
My favorite building in Florence, the one to which I returned over and over, was the ancient and mysterious Batistero or Baptistry. Located in the same huge piazza as the famous Duomo, though dwarfed in size,it is the heart and soul of the city. Every famous Florentine you can think of through the ages has been baptized there (Massaccio, Brunaleschi, Dante, the Medicis, Galileo) and was steeped in its arcane iconography, from the bold and awesome geometric black and white wall- sized symbols below to the 11th century byzantine mozaic ceiling representing the entire bible in four tiers.
Still life Still life
I am interested in the integration of three dimensional forms against the bold patterns and warm colors of the African designs.


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